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One of my generated passwords may have been compromised, what do I do?


Your other SrsPass generated passwords are still secure! You just need to rotate out the password for that compromised account, and the way you do that is by enabling advanced options, using all the same parameters, except you increment the index under advanced options by 1. Your first password will start at 0, so you would naturally go with 1 next and so on.

The newly generated password should end up being completely different and resecure that specific account, EVEN if the compromised vendor stored the password in plaintext.

I can't remember my unlock pass or backup phrase, can you recover them?


These are two critical components you must have access to, to work on any device. It is imperative you have the unlock pass memorized and, if you must, saved somewhere in case you may forget it. Since you will need it whenever acessing the app, it should help you memorize it, if you use the app consistently.

The backup phrase is 12 words by default, so it is unrealistic to expect you to safely memorize. Make sure you have this backed up somewhere safely and accessible to you, whether it's a notebook or phone, it will ideally be somewhere different than where you're using SrsPass, but still readily accessible if you'd like to sync *SrsPass on some other device or have to do a recovery on your main device.

If you lose either of these, there is no recovery, just as is the case with cryptocurrency keys or seed phrases you may lose access to. This is purposefully done to maximize your security, and unfortunately this may come at the sacrifice of convenience.

All recovery mechanisms are in your control, and your control only, therefore you are responsible for these 2 credentials. This is the same pattern cryptocurrency users go through with their wallets, so if you already are one, should be quite familiar with it, and if you aren't, this is a good pattern to get used to.

My unlock pass isn't working but I'm sure it's correct, what do I do?


There is a negligble chance that the encrypted data gets corrupted or even accidently cleared from your device (which is why vaults are a terrible idea). You should first make sure this corruption didn't occur due to some malware.

After confirming the device is safe, you should clear the cache on SrsPass, and re-run the setup step, importing your saved backup phrase and using the exact same unlock pass, the same phrase + pass combo will regenerate all the same passwords to your account.