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Key Shortcuts

SrsPass provides a number of usable keyboard shortcuts for your convenience and accessibility. It aims to provide a mouseless experience as much as possible, feel free to provide any feedback or suggestions on improving this goal.

It supports rudimentary VIM key navigation during setup:

  • h go back

  • l go next

Most inputs can be confirmed simply with:

  • Enter confirm

Elements requiring some input should autofocus, but you can switch between them via:

  • Tab switch focus

  • Shift+Tab switch focus backwards


When on most desktop browsers, you may hover over various inputs and parts of the app, and it should popup a tooltip window, with more information regarding that element.

Backup Phrase

Built upon the BIP39 Bitcoin Wallet standard. This means you can import an existing cryptocurrency seed phrase.

Importing Cryptocurrency Seed Phrase

It is highly recommend, that if you import a seed phrase which has actual cryptocurrencies on it, to do it on a secure device that is offline during setup. The seed phrase is hashed securely for the purposes of SrsPass after initial setup, which makes the seed phrase irreversible from the browser's storage from that point forward. Therefore, after initial setup, you are okay to continue online.

Additionally 12,15,18,21, or 24 words are supported, to provide you varying degrees of bits of security you deem necessary for your security profile, from 128-256 bits.

With us using this standard, it means you also do not have to depend on our web app for the RNG behind it, but could use alternative tools to build your own with a tool like this BIP39 Mnemonic Code Converter.

Browser Security and Sanitization

These are some steps that should minimize chances of security issues during your use of SrsPass and in general greatly improve your browser security.

  1. Ensure you're not running any extensions that have access to or can change the data on

  2. Make sure your browser supports site isolation and that it is enabled

  3. Keep your browser up to date